Saeed Ajmal’s Performance against Each Country

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The modern maestro of spin bowling, Saeed Ajmal, is on top of the world after taking Pakistan to victory on a number of occasions. Ajmal is at the top of the bowlers’ ranking in One Day Internationals (ODI) and Twenty20 Internationals, whereas he is number three in the bowlers’ ranking for Test Matches.

Let’s take a look at Saeed Ajmal’s performance against each country in Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs) and T20 Internationals. 

Test Matches


He has played one test match against Australia in 2009 where he took two wickets.


He has played two test matches against Bangladesh in Bangladesh where he ended up with nine wickets (average 25.88).


Ajmal has taken 36 wickets against England at an average of 19.6,1 which also includes his series winning performance when he took 24 wickets in three test match series in the UAE.

New Zealand & South Africa

He has played one test match against New Zealand and South Africa, in which he has taken two and three wickets respectively.

Sri Lanka

He has played the most test matches against Sri Lanka (nine) and has grabbed 47 wickets (average 29.53).

West Indies

Ajmal’s best record is against West Indies. He took 17 wickets in two Test matches at a superb average of 14.47.


His only Test match against Zimbabwe has benefited him with six wickets.


One-day Internationals

Saeed has played one One-Day International each against Afghanistan and Canada and bagged one wicket against Canada whereas against Afghanistan he couldn’t manage any. His highest wickets are against Sri Lanka; 22 wickets in 16 matches (average 24.86). He has managed to clinch 19 wickets each against England and Australia. However, he has played fewer matches against England (nine) than Australia (13). Ajmal has taken 11 wickets (average 21.09) against West Indies and 10 wickets (average 15.60) against Bangladesh.  Ajmal featured in four matches against New Zealand (picked eight wickets), three matches against South Africa (two wickets), two matches against Zimbabwe (one wicket) and Ireland (seven wickets).


In T20 Internationals, his most wickets are against Australia (18 wickets in 10 T20 Internationals, average 13.22). He also captured 11 wickets in nine T20 Internationals against England.  He has taken 10 wickets each against Sri Lanka (16.70 average) and New Zealand (17.20 average) in seven and eight matches respectively.  Saeed has also taken eight wickets against South Africa (five T20 Internationals), four against Ireland (one T20 International), three against Netherlands (one T20 International) and two each against West Indies (one T20 International) and Zimbabwe (two T20 Internationals).

Interestingly, Saeed Ajmal, who made his Test match debut in 2009, has not yet played any Test against India, whereas in One Day Internationals (ODIs) he has played five matches against the arch-rivals in which he has taken nine wickets with best of 3/56. In one T20 International match against India Saeed was wicket-less.

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